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From least to most effective

With today’s economy, many church members find themselves searching for employment. For many, this is a new experience, and people are unsure of how to search for new employment. As an independent contractor, I am always looking for my next gig. Here are ways that can greatly improve your success rate.

11.    Job sites (Monster, Career Builder)

I find these to be pretty useless. How many other thousands of people are trolling out there and applying for the same job. Your résumé and application fall into a huge black hole.

10.    Out of Town Recruiters

They don’t know the territory! They are often unethical and are not looking out for your best interests. Ignore them. Many of these companies are not legitimate and make unrealistic promises that they cannot deliver. Local agencies know hiring managers and have relationships that can work to your advantage. These people, located several hundred or thousands of miles away, don’t have a clue as to what the real hiring practices are in your neighborhood. If you are planning to relocate, these recruiters can be of assistance, but be careful.

9.    Corporate Websites

When corporate websites list job openings, they are overwhelmed by so many resumes, too many to sort through. If you send your résumé in to one of these, it disappears into a black hole. These sites are best used to gather information about a company. You may also be able to get email addresses of people who are in charge of things.

8. and other Business Networking Sites

These sites are great tools that get you connected to others. Use them to reconnect with past employers and classmates in a professional manner. Once you have joined one of these sites, be ready to connect others to people you know. These sites work best when you give as well as take information from them.

7.    Recruiting Firms

Recruiters find jobs for and are paid by clients. They often have access to positions that are never posted on the internet. A strong network of recruiters who are looking out for you is a great resource. Recruiters also troll CareerBuilder and Monster and Dice sites trying to find candidates with special skills. They have lots of leads and love to network. Get to know recruiters. Meet them face to face. Send them the names of your friends. It takes time to sort out the good ones, but personal recommendations are a good place to start.

6.    Networking Meetings

There are hundreds of them going on in your area. Find your specialty and hang out. Face to face contact is best. People know other people, people who are working. In many areas, there are specialty groups (high tech, trainers) which are attended by job seekers and hiring people alike, For example, if you graduated from BYU, join the local branch of the BYU Management Society and attend their functions.

5,    Your LDS Employment Center

If there is one in your area, take advantage of their many services. They can assist in all aspects of your job search and are an invaluable resource. They are staffed by knowledgeable people who have special training in assisting you with your job search. Anyone may use their services, including non-members.

4.    Your Ward Employment Specialist

His calling is to assist you. He has a whole ward at his disposal who may also be helpful. In these tough times, many bishops are calling committees to assist the specialist. They also have a stewardship over you in your job search.

3.    Your Home Teacher and Priesthood leaders

Your home teacher cares about you and he can give you a special priesthood blessing of comfort and encouragement as you search for work. Your priesthood quorum leaders are also aware of resources within the ward that can support you. Don’t be shy about asking for blessings or information.

2.    Your Bishop

Many people have false pride and don’t want to let people know they are out of work, but your bishop is someone who needs to know what is happening in your life. He has resources you are not even aware of. A bishop’s blessing of comfort is so helpful. He loves you and wants to help.

  1. The Temple

Use some of your down time to attend the temple. Linger a while. Counsel with your Father in Heaven about your situation. He is mindful of you and your needs. This is a place where you can gain a perspective of what is really important in this life. Unemployment is only a temporary situation. You do not need to be employed to attend the temple; you just need to be worthy. He knows the beginning from the end.



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