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Gordon Lightfoot is on the player, it’s snowing outside and I am going nowhere. Portland is having a rare snowstorm and everything has shut down. They even canceled Church this morning for the half inch that was on the gound! This is a shot I took from my front door. It’s darn cold out there though with the wind blowing. I think I will be home from work tomorrow.

That’s fine. I made chili and turkey noodle soup this afternoon and can very happily hang out here tomorrow. I think they may close the city down tomorrow.

It’s amazing to me, since we held church all the time in Minnesota in weather like this and thought nothing of it. Last January, we even held it the Sunday it was 40 below with the windchill and the wind was blowing.
I have been working on Christmas gifts and I am ready to pack them up and get them off the door. Things are pared down this year, but I still did a few things. Since I am so craft challenged, this is big stuff for me.
This is an apron for Jordyn. I will have you know I put the transfers on all by myself!

And of course, I have ones for Bre and Liam, too.

I only made three pairs of socks: Nancy’s socks are almost identical. This is a specialty yarn that has a mind of its own, changing colors in sort of a pattern that I have yet to figure out.

Jeremy’s socks are fraternal, since the yarn colors went all over the place. Even though it was the same color way for both balls.

These socks are for a good friend back in Minnesota.

We are going to be home tomorrow, it seems. You need chains to get around. The temperature has gotten colder and we have lots of ice.



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