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I know, it’s actually true. I am going to start blogging again. The best way to start is with a Happy New Year post.

Here are some highlights of last year.

  1. We are still in the house on 14th Drive and will be staying here for a while. We had thought about selling, and did have the house for sale, but decided instead to enjoy the place instead. It’s a perfect house for three adults and two part time kids to live in. We have so much of our own space.
  2. The highlight of the year was a visit with everyone at the house. For the first time in years, we had all of the kids and grandkids under one roof. That hasn’t happened for a very long time. Here is photographic proof of the event.











From left to right: (back) Nancy, Jeremy Rhyan, Breanna, Alix, (front) Liam, me, Erick, Heber, Jordyn and Heather.

Our forest was very thick and green this year, so I wanted everyone to see it. I still love being in the Pacific Northwest and not having to shovel snow.

  1. I got new eyes, or got mine fixed. Had cataract surgery this summer on both eyes. All went well. I love not having to wear glasses. I only need them for reading or close work.


  2. Some sad news. This fall we lost my brother-in-law, David. He and Ellen had been married for 46 years. He was smart, funny, honest and totally devoted to his family. He had been dealing with Alzheimer’s for several years. Ellen has had to deal with selling the house, moving into a condo and learning to live alone. She has done all of this with grace and love. Here is a picture of them together. He will be missed. He met Ellen when they were in college, and took one look, committed to her and never looked back. He was a wonderful father who gave his best to his children and family. I fondly remember his laugh. It seems he was always sharing a laugh with us, and his sweet smile.

  3. Life goes on with great calmness here. I am blessed to be at a reasonably stable stage of life. I read often, care for the grandkids, shop, cook, clean, deliver children places. In some ways I am still a soccer mom, taking kids in the van. But it is also a time when I have to face losses and realize things are changing quietly, and I don’t recognize the extent of the changes until I look back.


  4. Anyone who finds a reason to head up our way, please feel free to drop in. We have plenty of room and are willing to share our table with you.


  5. My health has stabilized. My A1c and other markers are good. No major upsets. I have come to realize that I am responsible to how well I navigate through life and I can control whatever comes my way.



    May all of you have the best time in 2014. I will leave you with the last picture we took on the lovely summer day, showing us as our true selves.


    Our true selves!!!


    Love to everyone





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