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I have six grandchildren, five girls and one boy. I raised three boys myself. There is just something special about boys when they are six to seven; they lose their front teeth. A comical big gap appears, although it’s just temporary (See the example below).

I made his uncle take this picture of him several months ago, because I knew that shortly, his adult teeth would come in, and the whole shape of his face would change. I wanted to preserve this shot of him at this point in his life. He is growing up much too fast, already having finished the first grade. I worried a bit about his school career, knowing how important the first two years are. He didn’t like to read, either, unlike his sister who needs no nudging to pick up a book. He’s a bit squirrely, it just comes with the territory. There is a certain way you have to interact with these creatures. First you need to love and accept them for the characters that they are. I met his teacher this spring at the school spring program. She was telling me how much Liam’s reading had improved over the year, and how much she enjoyed having him in class. She “gets” the kid, and that is great.

Liam loves new things, exciting things, be they big or small. Go on a trip to the dollar store and get a new truck, go to the local science museum and see the submarine and turbines, have a birthday party with dinosaurs on the cake, spend an afternoon jumping on trampolines, attend a performance of Cirque du Soliel, are all awesome events for him. “Awesome” is his favorite word right now. And it fits. His approach to the world is to always be curious, open to something new, and enjoy the heck out of it, whatever it is.

I remember an exchange last year:

Grandma (after watching him do something typical): Liam, you are so cute!

Liam: No, I’m not!

Grandma: You’re not? I thought you were.

Liam: No, I am not cute, I am awesome, but not cute.

It is so easy to buy clothes for him. Each fall, grandma takes the kids to buy a new outfit for school. Last year, for kindergarten, he got a red Transformer’s T-shirt and a pair of jeans. This year, we were back at the same store and after spending half an hour waiting for his sister to try on numerous tops and leggings, he went to the boy section, selected a red Transformer’s T-shirt in the next larger size and a new pair of jeans in the next size up.

Life is so simple for little boys. When they collide with another kid, everyone brushes himself off and life goes on. Girls, on the other hand, brew for weeks over a look. A look? Good grief, and she is only nine. I hope that life is much the same for him when he is nine. That it is still a grand adventure and he is still awesome.

After all, he’s a boy, isn’t life that simple?


It’s about time I started resurrecting my blog here. It’s been way too long since I have written anything of any import here. As I have finally emerged from the haze of the narcotic pain medications that have been a part of my regimen for the past 10 or so months. I want to spend some time doing some better writing here, something longer than deeper than the 420 characters that seems to define communication now days. Having a large numbers of “friends” doesn’t compare to having some real friends to visit with and toss around ideas. I would like to express some opinions that may cause some controversy, and have dear friends aroused about such unimportant things as politics. Every once in a while I may want to vent here, and not get a row going. I can’t help it; I am a politician’s daughter (though he really wasn’t a very successful one), and have morphed from being a Goldwater conservative in my earlier years, to a liberal who has developed some compassion for others. I find that I have remarkably little tolerance for some of the antics of those who are supposed to govern us, but instead do stupid things.

Just as an update, my collapsed lung has healed. The bullous lung disease will be a chronic condition. I am stuck with 80% lung capacity. No scuba diving for me anymore. Cancel that trip to Belize! But it also means that my time on airplanes should be limited. Living at altitudes above 4,000 feet is not a good idea either. I have had to adjust my life and schedule to accommodate these changes. I am still in a great deal of pain, but am working on dealing with it by means other than heavy drugs, that rob me of clarity and energy. In addition, It’s the feeling that I am disabled that bothers me the most. I am used to thinking of myself as being full of energy, ready to go, and do things. That image needs some reworking now.

This is the way that Portland looks most days now. We have had the second wettest spring in the last 117 years, which is, I suppose, how long they have been keeping records. Most days it still rains at least once. Even though the pool at the apartment has been filled for two weeks plus, it’s just not been warm enough to even think of putting on my suit and spending some lazy time swimming laps. It should come sometime soon. The forecast each day sounds so optimistic, partly cloudy, it says, which means that the sun will peek through the overcast a few times during the day. We citizens of the Pacific Northwest have learned to adapt. No matter what the temperature is supposed to be, when going out, especially for an outdoor event, we always keep a windbreaker or sweatshirt in the car, just in case. My down filled short coat hasn’t made it into storage yet, the weather just hasn’t been that good so far.

We have bought a house. That is a saga in itself. When starting out, none of us had any idea it would be such a long tortuous process. After buying several houses in two different states, I thought of myself as being pretty savvy about the ins and outs of buying a home. Even my time spent at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as recently as a year ago did not prepare us for the jungle out there that real estate has become.

There are times when I view the rest of my world as having come apart at the seams, also.

When I began writing this post, I found it heading in three different directions; that’s a sign to me that I have more than one topic I want to explore, and there should be some more posts to come soon. Finally, some new ideas are percolating.

If you are familiar with me, my life and the lessons learned, come along with me, and enjoy my view of life from my part of the world. I would appreciate the company.



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