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Sweet Sweet Spring!

Posted on: May 1, 2009

It’s been a long time coming here in Portland, but the temperature is getting up there, and everything is starting to bloom.  When we were walking last night, there were actually lilacs in bloom and I just stood there and inhaled for several minutes.

Another sign of spring here is the appearance of new babies all over the place. As of last count we have four goslings, who are growing wildly, and eight newborn ducklings sharing the ponds at our complex. Six of the ducklings are brown, and one is half brown and yellow. The last one is pure yellow. They just grow so quickly. When I get more pictures, I will send them on.

The kids were over last weekend and got to feed the goslings. Thankfully, they are not afraid of people. Residents hang out around the ponds in the evenings, striking up conversations over the little ones. Other bring out grain and old bread to make sure no one goes hungry.

My friend Jeff, another resident here, has been chronicling their growth. I seem him most evenings clicking away. All four of the babies are here; one is hiding behind the others.


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