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When the kids asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I didn’t hesitate. I knew that my sons living here in Portland wanted to see the new Star Trek movie. Being a fan of the original series, I said I did also. It was great!

There was lots of action and it never dragged, something I could not say about some of the previous films. Lots of fun and inside jokes. I am not a Trekker, but a fan, (there is a difference). It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I probably will miss the other movies shown in the previews; since it appears that the theaters will be drowning in blood this summer. If I can tell the beginning from the end in the trailer, it’s a no go for me. None of these seemed to anything going for them other than they are recycling old material and originality is replaced with lots of blood. I like to be pleasantly surprised by good acting and plots.

Then we took a few minutes and stopped off at a variety store. We bought some Mother’s Day flowers and a card and all of us signed it. We then drove over to drop them off to my ex-daughter-in-law. While she and Erick are no longer together, she is still the mother of two of my grandchildren. She is an excellent mother and they are both happy and fun kids to be with. She has moved on, and has remarried and has another little one, who is also a cutie. In addition to working full-time, she still keeps things going well at home. It’s not an easy task. When my kids were that young, I was home full time and still went crazy often. She does it well. Here is a dated photo of her with the kids, but I think it shows how pretty and caring she is.

I think it is admirable that she and Erick have remained on such good terms. I appreciate the efforts both of them have made in this regard. Our house rule has been to only speak well of her and her new family when we are talking to the kids. That is easy to do. We want them to know how much we care for and respect their mom. They have a new set of grandparents also, and I am grateful to them for being so good to the kids. The most important thing is that we all love them.

It’s good to remember what is important here. Deb and Erick have their priorities straight and the kids are thriving because of it.





Mother’s Day is approaching and as I rush around to get cards for my daughters-in-law, my thoughts turn back to my mother, who has been gone for almost 20 years now. My sister, Janet, has written a lovely tribute to her, and I am posting a link to her blog for you to read. She also has added one of our favorite pictures of our mother. It was taken about the time she married our father, and shows her lovely tentative smile.

Check it out at her blog.

Even if it is a bittersweet time for you, remember your mother with love, if you can. I was just talking to my friend Pat, who lost her mother when she was a younger mother. Someone said to her that it was so good her mother was out of pain. She said, “I wanted to scream. She was my mother! She understood me like no one else every could, and now she is gone.”

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

It’s been a long time coming here in Portland, but the temperature is getting up there, and everything is starting to bloom.  When we were walking last night, there were actually lilacs in bloom and I just stood there and inhaled for several minutes.

Another sign of spring here is the appearance of new babies all over the place. As of last count we have four goslings, who are growing wildly, and eight newborn ducklings sharing the ponds at our complex. Six of the ducklings are brown, and one is half brown and yellow. The last one is pure yellow. They just grow so quickly. When I get more pictures, I will send them on.

The kids were over last weekend and got to feed the goslings. Thankfully, they are not afraid of people. Residents hang out around the ponds in the evenings, striking up conversations over the little ones. Other bring out grain and old bread to make sure no one goes hungry.

My friend Jeff, another resident here, has been chronicling their growth. I seem him most evenings clicking away. All four of the babies are here; one is hiding behind the others.



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