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This is the official announcement that Nancy created. Since she is a professional photographer and graphic artist, it’s a really neat one!
I will post Jordyn’s too sometime. She does such a great job.


She is to be named Alixis. We will call her Lexi. I am glad they finally nailed it down!
Jordyn is torn between loving the little one and having to share the spotlight with her. It takes some time for the big sister to accept the little one. I know. I am a big sister. In my case, it took over 20 years for me to accept her as the way cool person she is.

My daughter-in-law, Nancy, is amazing. She delivered her first, Jordyn with about seven hours of labor. This time, after being sent home twice for not being far enough along, she delivered the new one (as yet unnamed) after being in the hospital for 9 minutes! She did most of the hard work at home, and was still afraid they would not admit her!
Anyway, the little girl weighed 7 lbs, 5 oz. Her Apgar score was a 9, which is excellent. I wish I knew more. I got some pictures from the hospital. Nancy says they aren’t the best, but I think they are darling. She looks a lot like my babies when they were born years ago, and nothing like Jordyn!
Last I heard, mother and baby were doing well. they are home and big sister had having a great time with the little one.
More to follow!

Yesterday I got a phone call from US Airways. They offered to pay for my renting a machine for a month. They also said they would pay for a new one, if they could not find it by Monday. I made an appointment to come over today and pick up the machine.
Literally, as I was turning off the freeway to go the the supply place, the airline called and said they had it. I turned around and came right back home, and now have my CPAP machine back.
I thought I would have to fight to get a new machine if they could not find it, and they said no problem.
I am so looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight.
I also was disconnected from the internet for most of this week, but that got fixed.
I am getting airline tickets for Christmas for $60 round trip to SLC.
Now, if little Guy would just wander home, life would be great! But I have to hope he is a happy new pet in someone’s life, even if I am still paying his vet bills!
Life is much better than it was even yesterday.


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