Anne Lorene’s Blog

Sweaters and Socks in The Cities

Posted on: November 8, 2007

Here are last year’s projects from Christmas. I went all out for the grandchildren.
I made Bre a multicolored turtleneck sweater.

And Jordyn and Liam got dinasour sweaters!

Just a quick posting of some of my other socks. It’s turned cold here, and so I have an excuse to wear them every day. I need to get a few more pairs done, but am so busy with Christmas knitting that I won’t get to them until after the holidays. I have so much yarn that I have put myself on a yarn diet. Now new yarn until …….. but then there is this gorgeous new sweater pattern that I have ordered.
About my sock yarn. There is an online company called KnitPicks. I am always ordering from them. Their prices are reasonable, and the yarn holds up. Both of these pairs of socks are probably four or five years old and have worn well. They are good every day socks.

So many patterns, so much yarn and so little time!

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